Wearing eyewear is all about confidence. If you’re not feeling your frames, then they don’t belong on your face. Whether you bought from us online, over the phone, or at our store, you’re backed by the See Better Guarantee. It’s a promise to you on delivering perfection.

Ditch Risk with Free Shipping

Paying for standard shipping is enough to make anyone second guess their purchase. That’s why all domestic orders receive free U.S. ground shipping + APO/FPOs. (Sorry international friends, customs be damned.)

Why? Because eyewear is a huge investment, and nothing should come between you and your new sunglasses, glasses, or goggles. We’ll eat the cost, so you don’t have to. No minimum purchase necessary. Whether you’re coming by for a pair of SunCloud or Prada, you’re covered.

Take 45 Days to Try Your Eyewear

There are three questions you should ask yourself during the 45 days after receiving your order while honeymooning with your new frames:

  • Do they fit? - Eyewear has got to fit. It’s got to because, for prescription and non-prescription wearers alike, poor fitting frames always end up on the floor at the worst possible moment. Not to mention the constant readjusting you’ll have to do as the frames misalign throughout the day.
  • Can you see? - For prescription wearers, you know fit isn’t just the way your eyewear sits on your face, it’s how the lenses help you see. If you’re looking through the lens and something isn’t quite right, it may be time to give us a call so we can help troubleshoot what’s going on.
  • Do you like them? – Maybe it’s buyer’s remorse, or maybe the frames just don’t match the drapes. Doesn’t matter. You can send them back.

Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Shopping should be fun. Returns, easy. Nothing replaces the experience of trying on your frames for the first time and knowing it’s a perfect match. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, we’ll take them back and give you a full refund or credit towards what you’re looking for. And that return shipping? It’s on us. (Sorry international friends, we aren’t able to send return labels to international address.)

We just ask that you return the eyewear, accessories, and packaging in original condition. Try them out, but don’t take them for a wild night out on the town. Eyewear likes seeing the light of day, not coming off a bender looking a little worse for wear.

To start your return process, just Contact Us and one of our helpful customer service opticians will get right on it.

What Happens During the Return Process?

To refund or remake? That is the question our opticians ponder as they troubleshoot your return. When you give us a call, an optician immediately begins working with you to find the best solution.

If you came to SportRx, chances are you came looking for a specific frame and lens combination to live out your passion. That combo exists, and we’re going to find it together.

You are unique. Your head shape, the way you perceive color, your sport of choice, and your prescription needs. A mix of these and other seemingly innocuous factors change what frame and lens combo is the perfect match for you. Our opticians are trained to get you in that pair in one shot, so you can feed that passion today.

Regardless of whether it’s a remake (we lump simple exchanges with the more complicated task of rebuilding new lenses from scratch together) or refund, we’ll send you a return label. Send back your order and we’ll get your refund or remake processed as soon as it arrives.

Note: Any upgrades you purchase during an exchange will be added to your total.

How Long Do I Have to Make a Return?

Everyone has 45 days to return their order for remake or refund. Prescription orders have 60 days for any prescription changes that might happen—a little peace of mind when you’re spending hundreds of dollars on the prescription lenses alone.

If anything feels off about your prescription lenses, please don’t delay and Contact Us immediately. The sooner we troubleshoot the problem, the sooner you’re seeing right.

What Happens If I Want a Refund?

You got it. No restocking fees. No handling fees. No percentages. 100% money back.

We’ll do our best to help you find a frame that works, but at the end of the day, we’re not going to pressure you into anything you don’t want.

Check out our Remake & Returns Policy for an in-depth look as well as information on warranties.

Feel Better. See Better.

Rest easy. You’re backed by the See Better Guarantee, so you’re not stuck with something you’re not happy with. Our opticians are watching your order from start to finish. Contact Us with any questions or concerns about your order and see the world the way it was meant to be.